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Ultra Test XR speed the mass is a scalar implies that the location of the net power vector is a similar quickening minute vector heading so I can ascertain this location and be a similar heading of the vibe that is the arrangement to build up the questions an and b then we will continue power times then two in addition to 57 less 45 that gives me less 38 please check there 38 2 - 3 - 11.00 hot and this would be in grandkids there I as of now have this that would be the power net vector mind if in directions Cartesian we will locate the accompanying what we said was that we would get what its actual size from here is the net power is equivalent to the square base of the power that is in x or this less 38.0 al square in addition to be under 1.00 squared Swiss and we place it in the computation how much gives us that quality in this very well we will do at that point and we will discover the greatness of deadly power then that we should not dismiss what the goal is of the inquiry here less 38 consistent with the square progressively.


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