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Unleash X Boost stretches to the other side and the other to the other side and the other 2 more and knees to the chest [Music] we hang tight for the sign and we go after 20 seconds and done, this has been the daily practice of today you can continue accomplishing more redundancies or do another of my schedules leave your remark like on the off chance that you loved the video buy in to the channel went up against my interpersonal organizations facebook twitter instagram and furthermore in the web virtual rec center dotcom consolation and see you in the following video Spanish (auto-created) truly the activity routine to tone and solidify the legs what is the photograph that dislodged one side and the other with pace how about we go contact one side touch and the other it will be somewhat more today you see 7 5 43 22 sheila day 12 squat things also loaning the world 8 7 65 43 2 and one opens earth by hopping extended the arms of the perceived pick 30 seconds we should go with beat come somewhat more 12 8 7 43 2 and one squats 12 Tap down ceaselessly and going ahead youtube when knees on grass.


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