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Swift Trim Keto I hope that if you want to know all the information of the routine what you have below in the description how many Sometimes it can be done exercises a week how is structured etcetera but I advise you is a routine that can become quite intense because they are going to be 14 series of 1 minute duration during that minute we're going to make a combo of 4 exercises and then let's rest 30 seconds between series 14 series are many so who can not do them all nothing happens put me down in the comments when you finish how many series you have been able to do and little by little you will be able to do more and more series and get further in the routine so the comments will be your record of it's worth the first time I've done it six times the next time I done it nine times and then I have already reached fourteen times so let's go to start with this cardio routine that it can become intense if you want other kind of routines either from some muscle group or whatever it is that you want to put it also down.


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