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options like water, which might be a little boring, but you can throw some frozen fruit in there, or just fruits in general, to make it have some sort of a flavor. Or there's also teas. For me, soda is non-negotiable? So it's kind of like wasted calories and wasted sugar, so that's one step that via beauty cream you can do. Another thing you can try is also reduce the sugar that you put in as a supplement to other drinks like teas, coffees or even oatmeal (and) yogurt. Sometimes we like to sprinkle sugar on top. For me, every morning, I used to put in two packets or two tablespoons of sugar into my coffee, but that is actually very easy to reduce. At first, I reduced it to one packet, or one teaspoon in the coffee, and then you kind of get used to that. And then through there you can reduce it to nothing at all and just drink it straight. But also same with teas; you can have it without milk and just have it with boiling water, and you don't need it. Otherwise


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