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Qlara Skin Cream It is worth remembering that shaving should not be used at all, otherwise everything that was done earlier will not make any difference. Razor splits the end of the hair, making it thicker, so that the removal process will become more problematic. The condition of the skin after mechanical cleaning of the face in the cabin pleases. No other procedure has this effect, but due to possible damage, it must be done wisely. The frequency of this procedure is chosen individually depending on the type of skin of the woman. Facial cleansing consists of several stages. Pre-steaming the skin, cleansing with special cosmetics, exfoliating dead skin cells, mechanical removal of deep contaminants (acne, acne, and fat accumulations), a mask that promotes healing, nourishment and pore tightening. Everything must be done under sterile conditions to avoid infection. The whole process lasts from one to two hours. After the procedure it is forbidden to put on the face cream, toning and masking agents, powder, etc. for a maximum of 2-3 days. The condition of the skin should be closely monitored at this time in case of inflammation. Removing acne can lead to scarring. If you are not sure of the professionalism of the beautician, it is better not to risk it. All this can be done at home, but if you have an idea of what and how is removed, with the observance of the technology of the procedure and antiseptics. The risk of irritation after independent actions is several times higher than in the cabin. Although there is one significant advantage. You yourself feel the degree of depression and stop the painful, improper pressure in time, thus reducing the number of injuries and scars from them. Based on the nature of the impact determined by the indications for him. Dry with capillaries located close to the upper layer of the epidermis, the skin is cleaned less often - about 3-4 times a year at regular intervals. Mixed type, it is recommended a little more often 6-7 times.


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