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Purefit Keto or something usually it's a test for somebody 40 and up 50 if you're you know great lifestyle 4045 a whole lot of people have heart attacks in the early 40s that almost always the presence of disease could have been identified the reason you don't hear about it much is not availability it's not cost it's not science mm scientific studies and again that Kim Williams is an expert in the field of scanning of the heart.
it's that the ultimate study let's take five thousand people everybody get a cat scan half will get the results and get a program to try and work on it half will not get the results and let's see if it makes a difference in terms of death or heart attack that kind of study hasn't been done but every study that says let's look at cholesterol or blood pressure or any other measure that other than this cat scan the cat scan wins the day is being by far the most accurate which is intuitive because you're actually looking at the heart directly not indirectly.


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